Events and Corporate Photos in Barcelona

Do you want to build a strong professional brand, tell the story of your product and make people buy it, make an impression on your customers or show your company from the best side?
Or you are just looking for great event photographer in Barcelona and Spain?
You are in the right place!
The photo of your company is the means for the connection between your company and your clients. They can get to know you and feel identified with you and with your brand. Great photography is a great opportunity to transmit the human factor.
I believe that in today’s visual world, you have to talk to your clients using visual content- if You do it right, they will listen.
My photos tells stories that your clients want to hear!

Let me show You what I offer.
Also you can visit my LinkedIN Profile to see with who I worked with.

Best corporate photographer Barcelona

Who is that :)? There is no objective ranking of the best event and corporate photographers. For you, the best event photographer will be the one whose photos you like the most and who will show in the best way your event or your company brand. Or the one somebody recommends to you. It will also be the photographer whose offer you like the most. You may find sites on the Internet that rank the best events photographers in Barcelona and call them “top 10”, “top 20” etc. Most of the time they are sponsored rankings. If you are looking for a photographer who will do the job well, check my offer. Maybe I will be the best corporate photographer for you!

Corporate and event photographer in Barcelona and Madrid

Do I photograph events only in Barcelona? Despite the fact that my location is in Barcelona, I also work in other locations. I often get questions about event photography in Madrid or other cities. Of course, I will be happy to do a event corporate reportage for you in other location. You do not have to worry about additional costs related to travel or accommodation. My photo offer is flexible. I don’t like to burden my clients with additional problems. When completing the contact form, remember to specify the city in which your event will take place.

Brand photographer in Barcelona

Do you know that people with professional photos are more likely to be contacted by others, they look more professional than people who have poor quality image in social media? Do you know that a great LinkedIN profile is your business card in Internet? Nowadays the image in so important, that you just can’t afford to have a bad photo because the competition is too big and every part of the profile matters. So if you are looking for a portraits photographer in Barcelona who will show your personality, who you will make your profile to stand out among the crowd, you just have to call me right now. Together we will show your BEST YOU!

Types of corporate photos in my offer

Events/ TEDx/ Conferences

It is essential for the company to show the values and advantages that differentiate it from the competition. A conference or event shows more human face that is worth sharing in networks, on the web, in the press. Don’t let bad photos destroy the effort you have put into organizing this important event on this spectacular venue.

I work with all types of corporate events, in business conferences, traveling events, press, international congresses, university meetings. I worked as an official photographer for Tedx Women Barcelona, Ignite, Estrella Damm events, DaShape, Drivy, TEDX Gala, MOB, Recipes and Emotions Workshops among others.

Company Image/ Social Media/ Press

In the visual world, everybody needs a professional photo. Especially a company that wants to attract clients and be seen as serious brand. Our social media photos talks a lot about ourselves and if you think that some random photos that you put on the company Facebook has no meaning, you are wrong. The company is judged by how your social media looks like. So it’s better that they are coherent and professional.

Let me help you to create content for your web/ social media profiles/ Facebook/ LinkedIn or your website.

Street Photo/ Festival/ Concert/ Outside Party

There is nothing better than photographing the street. Full of colors, noise, people, music and laughter. Yes, probably the street, outdoor events and concerts is what I like the most. Why? Because it expresses true emotions, because what matters there is the smile, the happiness and the party. To photograph a concert or a festival is to create exciting, sincere, honest and authentic stories. Because there is probably no other place where people stop wearing “their masks” and just enjoy themselves.

If you need some photos of the album release, the concert, a street festival or a children’s party, you should call me NOW! Because these moments must be immortalized.

I photographed many bands in Barcelona, like Big Mouthers, O Val Das Mouras, Desire, Wild Adriatic among others. I worked for Hospital Sant Joan de Deu for event Magic Line and was a main photographer for the calendar Bombers amb Causa

Fashion Show/ Runway/ Showroom/ Collection Launch

Full of glamor, luxury, beauty and wealth. So are fashion shows. That is why they need photos that reflect well the hours that many people have put into organizing this important event so that it is unique and unforgettable. There is nothing worse than bad photos of a successful fashion show. As I was a photographer during 080, Rosa Clara, Pronovias, Desigual, Boboli, Africa Fashion Show, AMT, Custo, Scorpio, Bridal Fashion Week among others, I know the importance of the image that will be shown in the press once the lights have turned off… Let me show your best models and your best clothes in the best light.

Sport Events

Any sport event coming soon? And still you don’t have a photographer who will capture the best moment of the player, the fastest runner, the higher jump, or the cheering audience? Don’t worry! I’m here to help You!

LinkedIn Creative Portraits/ Personal Session

Do you know that even looking for a job on LinkedIn, you need your own personal brand? And did you know that the profile photo tell recruiters more than you think about yourself? According to the “Personal Branding in Poland 2019” report, the following sectors can benefit most from building own personal brand:
* Freelancers (84%),
* Owners of service companies (69%)
* Artists (54%),
* specialists employed in companies (29%),
* People entering the labor market (19%),
* Owners of manufacturing companies (15%)
If you are in this group, please contact me and we will tailor your own business session. It won’t be typical boring studio session that you know. It is a creative photoshoot that will differentiate you from the others many candidates that apply for the same job.

If you already have a job, and You just want a cool creative photoshoot for your social media, let me know!

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